I think that Torres deserves to be in the squad for the worldcup


He played really well in the last 5 to 6 games of Chelsea.

You can not tell that with just looking at how many goals he scored.
And he surely played better recently than Villa and Llorente.

Come on Torres!!!

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I’m feeling creative again (lol) … so tell me your thoughts of the new First Love; Only Love chapter!!!!!!

I also miss talking to you guys :(

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First Love, Only Love? II Part 5


"Disculpa?" I managed to mumble as I turned away my gaze and began to look into my purse for a pen. I felt his eyes on me for a couple of more seconds before he giggled and brushed his fingers through his short dark hair. 

"Nada. I - I’m sorry. Its just, you remind me of someone I used to know." he said somewhat shyly.

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Fernando whit Leo and Nora buying pumpkins for Halloween :)

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Anonymous: Is part 5 coming out soon????

I don’t think so. I’ve lost my creativity.

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